Tour of London 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Tour of London. Five stages of fun that put you in the middle of a next-level experience with a community as dedicated as you are. Join us December 9 as we kick off this special Tour for the third year in a row. Taking place in the immersive London course, riders will get to experience five of its routes up close and personal. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re a newcomer or a Zwift veteran.  Although it’s not a race, the action ramps up right from the start. Find a group based on the distance you want to ride and go at your own pace. Want to ride with a different group on different stages? No problem. Have fun, chat with fellow Zwifters, and be generous with those Ride Ons!By the way, if you’re on the prowl for a fresh in-game look, finish all five stages to get your hands on the Tour of London kit for some next-level style.Want to rock the stylish in-game Tour of London kit? Knock out all five stages, and you’re all set!

Movember 9.9 Mission

Ride or run 9.9 hrs this November to permanently unlock a Mo’ kit. When 10K men and women complete this challenge, we’ll make a $25,000 donation to support Movember. Just sign up for the challenge in-game, and your avatar will be wearing the Movember kit. Unlike any kit we’ve made in the past, the design on the jersey (for bike) or shirt (for run) evolves as you log miles. If you think that sounds cool, you’re right.

Zwift Race Series Running

Zwift added running to their app in 2019 however we have very little information about most events ZRS Hilltop on May 19th 2019 Hustle and the ZRS Firecracker on July 4th 2019 repeated in December 2019, we found a few more these using Google search #zrs2019 please if there are a few others that weve missed and if you know of them please email the dates and the the zersey unlock screen print to zwiftjerseys <at> gmail <dot> com.

  • Hilltop Hustle 18/05/2019 - 19/05/2019
    • World : Italy, Bologna TT Course
    • Unlock ZRS Hilltop Hustle singlet
  • Firecracker 04/07/2019 repeated 05/12/2019
    • World Watopia, Tempus Fugit
    • Unlock ZRS Firecracker Shirt
  • Feels like Summer 22/09/2019
  • Night Owl 04/12/2019

Lamb Chop Race Series 2019

They’re back. The next batch of races in the Lamb Chop series is here starts November 14 - 19th December they ’re bringing six more weeks of races that’ll push the limits of your endurance. Join the Black Sheep Cycling and AHDR Chop for six weeks of fast-paced action in a unique handicap format. What does that mean exactly? Well, a handicap race means people are grouped by skill and staggered, with slower riders taking off first. Complete any of the six races to score the new Racing Club kit by Black Sheep Cycling

Zwift Tri Academy 2019 - 2020

Join Zwift for a premier triathlon training program that helps you take your fitness to the next level. Have dreams of competing in Kona? Bring the heat. You might earn a spot on the ZA Tri Team. Starts November 11, 2019 and ends on January 12, 2020

If you are usually a cyclist be sure to purchase a Zwift RunPod for this Jersey Unlock event which can also be used outside with Zwift on your iPhone. There are four structured run workouts, and at least one of the running races, plus the program’s six structured cycling workouts and one cycling race, which is a time trial.  You must complete 100% for the Zwift Tri Jersey.

El Giro de Rigo 2019

On November 3, Rigoberto Uran, one of Colombia’s biggest pro cyclists, is holding his annual El Giro de Rigo, a fondo covering some of the finest roads in the land. This year sees it traveling through a number of coffee farmsteads, a nod to one of Colombia's greatest exports.

Workouts start 8th October until 1st November last around one hour in length. If you’re not planning on heading to Colombia anytime soon, you can experience the Giro de Rigo action on Zwift. We’re hosting our own in-game version of the event so anybody, anywhere in the world, can take part.  Ride at least one workout to unlock the virtual kit.

Kona Heat It Up Mission 2019

Join Zwift for the Kona Heat It Up Mission from 5th - 14th October . Just ride 112 miles//180 km, and run 26.2 miles//42km to complete it. These are the same distances the Zwift Academy Tri Team will be racing at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona on October 12th. But, you can chip away at these distances throughout the challenge And all rides and runs counts, whether they’re Heat It Up specific or not.  Ready for a bunch of unlocks? They’re waiting for you. 

25% - ZA Tri Cycling Socks
50% - Specialized Cycling Hat
75% - Wahoo Cycling Hat
100% - ZA Tri Cycling Hat
25% - ZA Tri Running Socks
50% - SiS Run Shirt
75% - Roka GP-1X Sunglasses
100% - ZA Tri Run Shirt

Off the Maap Tour 2019

Get fired up and go Off the MAAP Four stages from 15th July - 1st August One perfect way to keep your fitness in tip-top shape.Winter months often mean less frequent riding. Maybe it’s too cold. Maybe it’s raining. Maybe it’s snowing. We get it. But it’s always nice on Zwift, so we’re kicking off this four-part series that invites all Zwifters to stay in tip-top shape with our Aussie and Kiwi community without having to check the weather.  Each stage runs for three days, with five make-up days at the end. Finish them all to unlock a sweet in-game Off the MAAP kit, plus a chance to score the real-life kit.

L'Etape du Tour de France 2019

After 16 weeks and four distinct phases of intense training, when completed on the 17th July you will have unlocked the full orange training kit. Now it's the main event it will be the first chance to ride with hundreds of others on the biggest and toughest route in Zwift. The Über Pretzel. Finishers of this 126km Gran Fondo will unlock the extra Rapha x L'Etape du Tour blue kit.

Tour of Watopia 2019

An Epic 7-stage event across Zwift’s most popular world, the Tour of Watopia has been remixed in 2019. New challenges. New rewards. New style of tour. Starting April 2nd, it's kicking off with the Watopian expedition. Open to all, the Tour is a celebration of the world that started it all—with each stage exploring the island’s unique terrain. New features and altered ride functions have been added to each route.

Stage 5 is a surprise-and-a-half where you will unlock the tour jersey (sorry folks it's the same as the Tour of Watopia 2018 jersey). Riders who complete all 7 stages will unlock the official tour Zwift Aero paint job, however you will need to unlock the the bike first.

ZIPP High Speed Desert Challenge

Choose between three different course lengths and get ready to dig deep. We’ll hook up your avatar with one of the fastest sets of wheels on the planet. Zipp engineered the 858 front and Super-9 rear disc for speed. They’ll help you go faster than you thought possible. The race against the clock goes down May 4th and 5th on the Watopia expansion. With lots of flats, this course is ideal for time trialling. If you look up from your stem long enough to take in the scenery, you’ll see dinosaur bones, old saloons, and plenty of cacti. Finish the Zipp High Desert Speed Challenge and the Zipp in-game kit is yours.

Ride Like King 11

Each spring, Giant and sister brand Liv host Ride Like King, a celebration of all things cycling led by company founder, King Liu. The event is rounding its 11th year, and it’s bigger and better than ever.

Vätternrundan Group Ride Series 2019

Ride every Sunday team up with the SZR (Swedish Zwift Riders) between Feb 17th and May 12th (except April 21st),  participating Zwifters will be auto-assigned the stylish Vätternrundan Zwift kit, adorned in Swedish national colors. Note that it can only be worn during rides.

Come back June 10th for the Vätternrundan Gran Fondo on Zwift!

L'Etape du Tour de France Training Club 2019

This training club will run for a total 16 weeks from March 25th until July 21st 2019. It will consist of 4 blocks of distinct training phases. You’ll need it to take on all 135km (83.8m) of the 2019 L’Etape du Tour de France and its 4,563m (14,970ft) of climbing. Full details given after you enroll via your account here @

Each of the four training blocks carries a specific focus. Geared toward leveling up your fitness in tangible ways, you’ll come out of every block fitter, faster, and ready to ride. You must ride all yellow events in each block for 100% unlock of virtual jerseys and other apparel.
Workouts will become available in the workouts section on Zwift automatically by March 25