Online Access to Zwift Jersey Hunters

Please request access either by payment of £10 above 
OR scan this QR code using your phone

OR apply for lifetime access by using your verified Gmail address

We are now an official club on Zwift, that started as a single post on Instagram over 2 years
has now has over 1,600 followers and almost 70 members on the new club roster.

Sadly this Roster is capped to 100 members by Zwift HQ, for the time being all you
are require to do to join is follow Syril T. Squirrel 🐿️ on Zwift and you'll be added to 
the club roster for a period of 6 months, after this period we ask members to make
a small payment of £10 for lifetime access to our exclusive online tracking
sheet powered by Google sheets, sample shown below. We also have the
ability for you to track your run shirts, socks, headgear and glasses

Please join us for our next ZWIFT social ride usually every fortnight
We to my knowledge don't have any National or European champions just dedicated 
Zwifter's who love to chase that next piece of digital candy in the quest to keep
fit and active, there are Jersey Hunters everywhere!
These rides will be primarily be public events with the joining link published on the
ZCA or on the Zwift Jersey Hunters club chat and Instagram page.

Stay tuned as always to Instagram @ zwiftjerseys OR the new Zwift club for all the latest chat

If you want please also join in the chat on our rides click connect